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Legal battles can be a tough thing to go through especially if you do not know about the legal system of your state. Along with is it not only creates a situation of panic amongst the clients but it also drains them out mentally. This is where attorney Douglas R. Hammerschmidt comes into the picture.


If you are in Green Bay Wisconsin and are looking for the best local attorney in town then this is where you need to contact us. Our firm specialises in all sorts of practices making it convenient for you to come to us for any sort of requirement. Along with this we are also considered the finest litigators in Lake Michigan which makes us the number one choice of almost every individual.

Whether you need assistance with a simple Dua case or with child custody we can help you through all. Apart from this we can also provide you with legal consultancy for your problems. Mr Douglas R. Hammerschmidt believes in paying personal attention to each of his clients which makes him one of the most considerate litigators in Wisconsin.

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So the next time you are trying to hire a lawyer for yourself then getting in touch with our firm is the best way to go. You can be rest assured that all your requirements and case details would be handled with care without being compromised.